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BEYOND PLEASURE LLC is a new, upscale black-owned online boutique specializing in high-quality adult novelty products. In 2021, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, husband and wife, Terence and Veronica Lockett created BEYOND PLEASURE LLC in their home east of Atlanta. Terence is an entrepreneur with professional experience in logistics, project management and customer relations; all-important skill sets that will assist with retail operations. Veronica is an Air Force veteran with previous experience in business planning. The couple developed BEYOND PLEASURE LLC to help themselves and other couples sustain and increase the “spark” in their relationship during quarantine by improving personal pleasures.

BEYOND PLEASURE LLC will cater to those, aged 18+, that are interested in safely expanding and enhancing their personal experiences in pleasure, while promoting a healthy, and safe intimate environment.

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Beyond Pleasure LLC

4567 Rockbridge Rd. 

Pine Lake, Ga 30072

(770) 892-6958